• Your hear sizzling at the switch or receptacles
  • There is a burning smell
  • Circuit breaker trips often
  • You have too many extension cords
  • Rust appears on meter socket and main service panel
  • Plugs fall out of your receptacles
  • You have multiple plugs at your receptacle

Most municipalities allow you to do your own electrical work in your home, but the reality is that if you are not properly trained you likely will not complete the work correctly, which could lead to serious mistake.

Look for in the “off” or “center” position. Flip the switch to “off”, then flip it to “on”. Make sure your hands are dry and stand to the side on a dry surface.

A surge protector will help prevent voltage spikes from damaging sensitive electrical equipment. Every home should have them. The best practice is to protect equipment where it plugs into a receptacle. Also protect it at the source in the main panel with a whole house surge protector.

This is typically a one day job. There are two phases to replace an electrical panel/exterior meter board and cable.

  • 100 amp interior panel – 4-6 hours
  • 100 amp exterior meter/cable – 4-6 hours
  • 200 amp interior panel – 6-8 hours
  • 200 amp exterior panel – 6-8 hours

If your circuit breakers trip frequently, upgrade your electrical service for safety. Older homes provided 30 to 60 amp service for the entire home using minimal circuits inside. Today’s appliances require more power and more circuits.

  • Loose plugs fall out
  • Hear it sizzling
  • Broken face on device
  • Receptacle is warm to touch
  • Receptacle has gone dead
  • To update to arc fault
  • To update to GFI

Accent Electric offers a lifetime warranty on labor and a 6-month warranty on parts.

  • Change refrigerator setting to 380°
  • Change freezer setting to 5°
  • Switch to energy-saving light bulbs, LED
  • Use dimmer switches
  • Lower thermostat at night in the winter
  • Raise thermostat at night in the summer
  • Consider installing a solar system
  • Install ceiling fans

With technology and codes constantly changing, we recommend every 3-5 years.