From smart lighting to effortlessly controlling the temperature of your home with the single touch of a button, smart home installations are the new norm for many homeowners. At Accent’ Electric, we install easy-to-operate smart home automation systems that effortlessly control your environment, lighting, entertainment, security and more, all from the convenience of your smartphone or tablet. Our affordable options put you in control; allowing you to save energy and lower your utility bills conveniently from almost anywhere in the world.

Preparing your home for automation is easy—our expert contractors will design a plan unique to your home, outfit the system in your home with little to no intrusion.

At Accent’ Electric, our smart home wiring services ensures your home is properly connected so you can quickly begin to enjoy all the benefits of your new smart home.

Advantages of Smart Home Automation:


Check the status of your home’s security system from your smartphone or tablet. Did you forget to lock your front door? Establish the safety of your home by locking it with the touch of a button from miles away.


Effortlessly control the temperature of your home all from the palm of your hand. Lower the temperature when you’re not home to help reduce energy usage and lower utility bills.


Operate your audio and video systems with the simple touch of a button.


turn interior and exterior lights on as you’re entering and exiting your home.

Accent’ Electric Ltd. is a full-service electrical contractor. We do it all—from smart home installation to design and installation of custom lighting. We’ve provided the finest electrical construction for homes and businesses in Montgomery and Bucks counties for the past 25 years. Our mechanics keep up with the latest technologies by continuing their education and mastering the always changing electrical specifications set forth by the national electrical code. No matter what type of project you have, we’re here to help! Contact us today for all your smart home automation needs.